“StarLit” Daybed by Baldessari e Baldessari

We all look for all kinds of relaxing ways, which can make our lives better, no matter if they are at home or somewhere else. “Starlit” is a daybed, which seems to accomplish both functions: created to relax at a spa, but also as a chaise lounger at home.

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Designed for Starpool, by Baldessari e Baldessari, this daybed seems massive in size, but the olive wood cylinders on the ends have a pattern carved that breaks up the heaviness and let light pass through. The pattern in the wood has the shape of olive oils; the cylinders are meant to act as storage for pillows and blankets and all these together turn the bed into a piece perfect for a spa or for a residence.

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No matter where you place it, it looks so cozy and inviting that it makes you want to take a nap on it. Nothing compares to a contemporary daybed which makes you want to relax, rest or just take your time for a few moments. “Starlit” seems to be the ideal place and once you see it, you want to spend some time in a relaxing manner and enjoy yourself, in a spa or to share this atmosphere in your own residence, for a better management of  your time for yourself.