Star Hang Ups

Children are little people, so if you want to prepare a special room just for them, you will have to adjust all the things inside according to their size. So all the furniture inside will be smaller and coat hangers will be tiny and funny. And since it is rather unpleasant to have all the coats in one place, why not use more than one hang up spread along the room? Look at these Star Hang Ups! They are great and perfect for the kids room. They have an interesting design, as stars have always fascinated people of all ages and kids are no exception to this.

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These stars are hand made and also painted by hand in a variety of colours: white, light blue, tomato and midnight blue. There is a wooden peg in the middle of every star that works as a hang up for the children clothes. You can even use stars of different colours if you have more than one child and this way they will know what is their hang up and keep their coat or towel there. Any way, since the stars get mounted on the wall you can fix them at different heights, depending on the children age and height again. They are very funny and useful. You can have one for $12.95.