Designs That Prove Staircases And Bookshelves Make A Great Duo

Ever wondered what makes staircases and bookcases such a great combo? Is it because they simply look good together or is it because of some historic design or style that first made the combination popular? Whatever the answer is, one thing is certain: wall bookshelves and staircases have been and still are a successful duo.

Spiral staircase with a beautiful bookcase wallView in gallery

Spiral staircase with a beautiful bookcase wall1View in gallery

Spiral staircase with a beautiful bookcase wall2View in gallery

Spiral staircase with a beautiful bookcase wall3View in gallery

Spiral staircase with a beautiful bookcase wall4View in gallery

A spiral staircase is not usually what comes to mind when thinking about this particular combination. It’s why it’s that much more interesting to see these two elements put together in a stylish design. This staircase is not here because it has a space-efficient design. It’s here because it looks splendid, with its soft curves, delicate spiral and sophisticated simplicity. And the bookcase only makes it look more beautiful.{found on mymodernmet}.

Staircase house that blends with bookshelvesView in gallery

There are tons of different staircase ideas and designs to choose from and this particular one stands out thanks to its custom structure and the way it perfectly blends with the bookshelves, naturally becoming one single element.{found on platform5architects}.

Bookcase covers the wall almost entirelyView in gallery

Who would expect to see door right under the ceiling given the context and design of a typical living room? Apparently, the designers of this home did and they created an unexpected look. The bookcase covers the wall almost entirely and the staircase is as space-efficient as possible. It leads up to a mysterious door which becomes the focal point of the room thanks to its unusual location.{found on zodiacdesign}.

Staircase and bookcase comboView in gallery

But the staircase and bookcase combo is not always as mysterious as in that case. Most of the time, the reason why the combo works so well is simple: practicality. What better way to use an empty staircase wall than turn it into a bookcase?{found on hittoak}.

Floor to ceiling bookshelves staircaseView in gallery

It’s possible for the staircase to merely be an accessory to a massive bookcase wall. The floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelves feature square modules and cover an entire wall in an open floor space space so they’re a focal point for the kitchen, dining area and living room. The metal staircase becomes a secondary element in this case.

Staircase wall dividersView in gallery

Usually, staircase are built along an existing wall and so transforming that wall into a bookcase seems a natural idea. But in some cases the staircase wall can be a space divider. The layout may be different but the fact that bookshelves and stairs work well together remains unchanged.{found on farrowarcarodesign}.

Wood stairs and wall bookshelvesView in gallery

Even when the staircase forms narrow hallways as it bends and moves upward, bookshelves are still a wonderful complementary feature. If anything, they help you put these walls and small spaces to good use and they accommodate large book collections.{found on chrissnookphotography}.

Stairs and bookshelves perfect duoView in gallery

Modern and simplified designs sometimes combine these two elements in such a natural and organic way that they become one. It’s as if the shelves extend to form the stairs which are then simply connected with handrails.

Floating stairs wall bookshelvesView in gallery

Floating shelves and staircaseView in gallery

The floating shelves and the bookshelves are connected and one cannot exist without the other. They’ve been seamlessly put together in a way that allows them to become one single piece, thus simplifying the design of both the staircase and the bookcase.

Mount fuji architects studio loft stairsView in gallery

A really large wall bookcase which accommodates and extensive book collection may actually need a staircase just for it so one can reach the upper shelves. So the staircase doesn’t lead up to a different floor but instead allows access to the massive bookcase.{found on Mount Fuji Architects Studio}.