Staircase storage by Danny Kuo

Space is very important for all the houses, especially if you live in a small apartment where you try to make all your belongings have their own place where you can reach easily. The smallest and most crowded place in a house is usually the hallway because you always need easy access to your shoes and boots, but there’s never enough space for all of them. Not to mention the fact that you have different shoes for different seasons and there are normally more people living in the same house, each with their own shoes to store. And in this case you need the best solution.


I have seen many ideas, but this one that I have recently discovered was the most appealing. It is the staircase storage by Danny Kuo. It looks like a bunch of drawers and little cabinets or storage places that are all suspended on a metal framework. As you can see in the pictures, these “drawers” have different sizes, so the largest one is places at the bottom and the smallest at the top. That is the perfect representation of the staircase.


You have easy access to all the drawers by simply pulling them up front and opening them. And, if you want to reach the top drawers, all you have to do is pull the bottom ones that will be the stairs that allow you to go up to the top. Pretty imaginative, right?



All these storing places have a very simple design and are made of wood, but differ from a regular drawer because they also have a lid. So they look like wooden boxes more. Any way, when you are not using this staircase storage, it takes the minimum amount of space in your hallway, which can be really important. You can visit the designer’ s web site for further details.