Stair Step Basket

Our ancestors had a creative mind and invented many things that made their lives easier and more organized. But some of their inventions were lost in time and this is a shame because they were really interesting and useful. However, every once in a while, some people dig up the past and bring them back to life. For example this amazing stair step basket was invented a long time ago, back to the Victorian Age. It was made of rattan and used for the stairs, that is why it had this interesting and unusual shape, adjusted for the stairs.

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You can use this basket for storing things when you have kids for example like little toys or maybe the newspapers or for displaying some nice flower arrangements directly on the stairs of your home. The basket is made of rattan and has the exact quality of the furniture made of rattan that is used for both interior and exterior use. It has an antique Walnut finish and also features a double band in the middle. You can purchase it now for about $65.