Stahl House A Modern Residence in Los Angeles

The place from where you can get the glimpse of entire Los Angeles is the best place to live. The stahl house is one of most iconic place which gives you the opportunity to have the glimpse of entire Los Angeles. The case study house program revealed some most iconic architectural design and projects of 20th century. There is none more iconic architectural project as Stahl House.

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This house is also known as case study number 22 by Pierre Koenig.  The Stahl House was complete in 1959. This house is designed for buck stahl and his family. This house is made of steel and glass materials which offer panoramic views of Los Angeles. In 1957 buck stahl hired Pierre Koenig to manage the design of the residential house. The case study program was set to introduce the modernist values into residential architecture. The construction of this house with glass and steel give it more modernistic aesthetic with residential feature.   The house of buck stahl is “L” shaped which separates the private and public hallway.  The living space of the house is back behind the swimming pool and only that area have solid wall.

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