Stacking Nesting Table by Florian Kräutli

lorian Krautli creates furniture that can perform several functions either simultaneously or not. Convenient here, if you decide to use Stacking nest table is that you can adjust both the size and height. From the pictures you can see how it looks and how does the whole system work. This furniture can be easily used as a table, chair or shelf.

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It’s a very good idea in the case of small apartments. There’s a constant struggle of how to save some space, because there’s never enough. And furniture pieces like this one are very handy. Not only that it can be adjusted in terms of size and height, but it can also be used in a multitude of different ways. Sometimes you need a coffee table, other times you need an extra seat or just some extra storage space or even a nightstand. This nesting table offers them all.


It’s a great way to save some space when you’re not using and it, plus it’s very versatile. It’s a convertible piece that can often quickly solve your problems.  The process only takes a minute or less and everyone is happy. It’s such a simple piece that however manages to surprise you with its versatility and functionality. A great choice for small spaces.