Stack 8 drawer storage unit by Shay Alkalay

Storage cabinets and units are usually featuring the same designs, same shapes and maybe with some adjustments in terms of color, material or small details. It’s unusual to see a piece that not only brings a completely new design to the table but also respect the client’s needs for functionality and efficiency.

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Stack is one piece that does all that. It was created by designer Shay Alkalay who had the brilliant idea of creating a new type of storage cabinet. As the name suggests, Stack is shaped like a tower. It’s made from a wooden structure that hides 8 drawers. The drawers are placed one on top of the other and they can be pushed and pulled in both directions. This way the cabinet can be placed facing any part and it would still be equally functional. Moreover, when the drawers are opened, the result is an irregular and unusual design.

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This tower of drawer units is unusual not just because of the design but also because of the principle at the base of this structure. The piece measures L 24.5″ x D 22.5″ x H 42.5″ and it can be bought at a price of $5,090.00 respectively $4,610.00. It’s made from a combination of MDF, plywood and wood veneers and it has a beautiful finish in multiple natural tones.