Sputnik Stool

If you went to school for at least secondary school then you know for sure that Sputnik is the name of the first artificial satellite that was put into orbit back in 1957. It revolved around Earth and was considered a miracle of technique at the time. Well, if you take a look at this Sputnik Stool I am sure you will find the obvious similarities. First of all it’s the name. Then the looks. This stool is certainly looking like a spacecraft ready to be launched at Cape Canaveral. It has its slender body, the four steady legs and even the attitude of a satellite. But instead of a pointy end, it has has a flat seating.

Sputnik stool orange powder coatThe stool was designed by  Fred Frety and looks incredibly cool and still contemporary, even though it somehow combines a retro look with a modern design. The stool is made of white oak with a natural finish in the seat part and powder-coated steel in the base supporting it, meaning the legs and the seat support. The stool is very easy to adjust to different heights by simple rotating it around the giant screw.  The orange finish makes it look so cool and comfy at the same time, making you feel welcomed. Even though the item was created for Environment, it can be bought for $495 from Horne.