How To Make Paper Lanterns With Whimsical Designs

The fragile and delicate nature of paper lanterns contrasts with their bulky shape. Usually spherical, these accessories are often considered very casual, childish even. However, there’s more to them than that. Paper lanterns can also look sophisticated and elegant in the appropriate setting. Their versatility makes them wonderful decorations and accessories for just about any room of the house.


A plain white paper lantern may not add much style to a home but there are ways to customize it. For example, some cheerful bunting can do the trick. You can make the bunting out of fabric scraps of various colors or you can choose to only use one type of fabric for a simpler look. Either way, the whole project is simple and offers plenty of room for creativity.{found on youhadmeatbonjourblog}.

Green paper lantern

Instead of decorating the lantern with bunting you can choose to cut out small pieces of fabric or even colored paper and then glue them onto the lantern’s surface in order to create an interesting pattern. A nice example is offered on historiasdecasa where green leaves were used as a motif for the design.

Hot air ballon from paper lantern

A really fun idea can be to turn a paper lantern into a hot air balloon decoration. The kids would definitely enjoy the project. You can start with a plain white lantern which you paint with stripes of different colors. You’ll then have to craft the small basket for which you can use an empty paper towel roll for example. Hang it from the lantern with some string. {found on thelittlemonsterblog}

Paper lanter skulls

A fun project for Halloween which uses paper lanterns can be found on minted. The supplies needed include small white lanterns, string lights, glue and black tissue paper. Cut out the eyes, nose and mouth out of black paper for each lanterns and use them to create cute skulls. Then turn the lanterns into shades for the string lights.

Hand painted paper lanterns

Not all paper lanterns are spherical. In fact, there are plenty of other shapes to take into consideration. Let’s have a look at how you can make the accordion paper lanterns featured on minted look fun and eye-catching. All you need for such a project is some acrylic paint in different colors and a paint brush. Simply paint your pattern on the lantern and, at the end, add some ribbon to the bottom if you want.

Tissue paper lanter hanging

These tissue paper lanterns look funky and would make lovely decorations for a party or as a way to add some cheer to a room. To make them, you’ll need tissue paper, scissors and embroidery hoops. Cut the tissue paper to match the length of the hoop. Layer out your colors and wrap them around the inside piece of the hoop. Then tighten the hoop around the tissue paper and trim off the excess. Using the scissors, create the fringes. {found on tellloveandparty}.

Paper lanterns banner

Using patterned paper you can make a bunch of square boxes which you can then use as paper lanterns. Basically, after you fold them and they’re all prepared, you attach them to string lights. They’ll glow in the dark and stand out thanks to the colors and patterns the rest of the time. We found this lovely project on johannarundel.

Modern paper lanterns lighting fixture

A paper lantern can be used as a table lamp for beautiful mood lighting. Check out skonahem for a simple tutorial on how to make one. You need some simple white paper which you shape into a lantern. It will have a geometric design which will make it perfect for modern and contemporary decors. Of course, you can also use colored paper if you prefer something a bit more eye-catching.

Paper lantern diy

A different design with a more ornate look is described on hndmadecharlotte. This time the list of supplies is a bit longer. You’ll need some sheets of watercolor paper or some other kind of heavy weight paper, spray adhesive, fabric, cardstock and a bit of imagination. The lantern presented here is quite big but you can adjust its dimensions accord to your own desires.

Tiered Paper Garland Ornament

A paper garland can simply be used as an ornament and doesn’t necessarily require a light fixture or a candle to look great. For example, the design featured on craftfoxes highlights this very idea. To make a tiered paper lantern that looks similar to that one you’ll need tracing paper, white cardstock, a disc template, scissors, a pushpin, a quilling tool, glue and embroidery floss or twine.

Make a paper lantern

To make elegant and delicate-looking paper lanterns such as the ones on apieceofrainbow you’ll need clear plastic water bottles, white paper, LED tea light candles, a craft knife, clear tape and some templates. Cut off the top of a bottle and then start cutting your pattern into the paper. You’ll have to create a 3D design. After this, wrap the paper around the bottle and secure it with tape.