Spruce Up Your Decor With Floor Vases – 10 Beautiful Ideas

Vases are amongst the most popular and beautiful accessories you can use in interior décor. But they are of several types. Today we’re not going to focus on the small vases which you use on tables or which you display on mantles but on the larger ones that sit on the floor. Floor vases are sometimes referred to as oversized vases and they are often used as an accessory for spaces such as the living room.

Same wall fireplace design
A transparent floor vase lets the items inside of it stand out more

Flower vase near sofa
In the living room, the space to the side of the sofa is perfect for a floor vase
Bedroom flower floor vases
Floor vases can add beauty to a simple and calm bedroom décor
Dining room floor flower vases
Use two floor vases for symmetry in a large and open room
Mercuryflower vases
You can alternate sizes and shapes for more dynamism
Powder room floor vases
A floor vase or two would look very refreshing in a bathroom
Open space room
Floor vases in contemporary decors are usually filled with simple, straight pieces
Tiny living room floor vases
Here symmetry is created by the vase and lamp on either side of the sofa
White living room tree invases
Give the living room a fresh touch with natural plants in floor vases
Tree branch vases1
You can also match the pieces displayed in the vases with your wall art

Floor vases are versatile and they can also be used in other spaces. For example, you can add some color and beauty to your bedroom with such as accessory or you could include one in your home office. Of course, a floor vase can also add freshness to a modern bathroom. These vases are usually placed in corners or in spaces that usually remain empty. They are also often used in pairs to create symmetry in a décor. To get some inspiration and ideas, take a look at the examples we have prepared.

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