10 DIY Vases That Give Flowers A Cozy And Fun Home

Like your potted plants, the fresh flowers you sometimes display as decorations around the house deserve to have a beautiful and cozy home, even if for a short while. Surprisingly, even though there are many different types of vases to choose from, finding the right one is a difficult challenge. Sometimes, in cases like these, it’s easier to just do it yourself.

Mache magazine pictures

Welcome spring into your home with a bouquet of fresh flowers and a neon colored vase. This vase is all about color, everything else about its design being simple, basic and pedestrian. As you can see, the vase is actually nothing more than a repurposed glass bottle. The bottle was spray painted and it became a fun home decoration.{found on machemag}.

DIY neon straw vase

Another interesting-looking neon vase can be found on madiganmade. The supplies needed for this unusual project include colored dry wall tape, rubber bands, simple, cylindrical glass vases, plastic bamboo straws and a hot glue gun. Wrap the bamboo straws around the vase and secure them together with glue. Don’t glue them directly to the vase if you plan to be able to replace this cover.

Wrapped rop vase with neon

Glass bottles make pretty great vases. If you want to squeeze in more than a single flower stem, consider sing a milk bottle or some other type that has a larger opening. You can decorate the bottles with rope or yarn. The process is very simple and you can find a description for it on greenweddingshoes. You can either start from the top or from the bottom. Use glue to keep the yarn in place as you wrap it around the bottle.

Puffy Paint vases tutorial

The project featured on jaderbomb can be used in combination with any type of glass bottles. All you need for this is some puff paint. Clean the bottles and remove the labels. Then start applying dots of colored paint in any pattern you want. Combine multiple colors and play with dots of different sizes.

Neon and felt vase diy

Instead of a glass bottle you also have the option of using a jar. If you want to hide it, you can make a felt cover for it. On thefeltedfox you can find a beautiful tutorial for this type of project. You’ll need a jar or a bottle. It can be a plastic bottle and you can cut off the top. You’ll also need felt, neon rope and glue. Wrap a piece of felt around the jar or bottle and glue the ends together. After this, wrap rope around the base of the vase and glue it in place.

Neon striped vase diy

If you’re happy with the shape and the look of the bottle or jar you’re repurposing as a vase, there’s no need to cover it. You can simply decorate with some colored yarn or rope. Put a dab of glue on the vase and then start wrapping colored around the container. Secure the other end with glue as well. You can create a striped design like the one on handmakerofthings.

Neon flower vase

If you want your new vase to be more colorful, there’s also the option of completely covering it in colored yarn or cord. Neon colors make lovely choices. Start from the top to make sure you get a straight line and then continue to rap the cord around until you reach the bottom. Cut off the excess and secure with glue. {found on almacamponesa}.

Ombe spray painted bottles

Use the ombre painting technique to transform clear glass bottles into exquisite and very chic vases. Use neon paint if you want strong colors. Start spraying the bottle from the bottom, rotating it constantly. Let the paint dry and then use the bottle as a vase. Find more details about this project on bespoke-bride.

Neon glassware look

A similar project is also described on passionshake. As you can see, the technique also works for glass jars. You can make several beautiful vases, each featuring a different color, shape or size. You can then spread them around the house, making every room look bright, fresh and stylish.

Neon pineapple airplant holder

Instead of repurposing bottles or jars and transforming them into vases, a different idea can be to craft the vase from scratch. You could do that with air dry clay. Mold the clay to shape it as a container. Then press it against a flat surface to make a flat bottom. Let the clay dry and then paint your new vase. You can also use the container as a planter. Find out more about this on ispydiy.