Decorating Your Mantelpiece for Spring

Even though the warm weather might discourage you from lighting up your fireplace, having a mantelpiece is a great decorating perk. It’s like having a well-placed shelf on your wall that holds vases and frames and knick knacks at eye level. It makes a great break in your hanging art and gives your room an automatic focal point. Now that we’ve put away the winter logs and candles, we have the opportunity to fill the mantel with spring-y decor. Take a look at these 1o ways to incorporate spring into your mantel decorating.

Giant floral wreath

Wreaths are a wonderful decoration because they are so easily changed and redecorated to fit the season or holiday. Hang a giant one above your mantel and fill it will flowers and greenery for the spring. (via Style Me Pretty)

Window mantel decor

For the shabby chic home sweet home, use that neglected vintage windowpane as the backdrop for your mantel decorating. It promises to make anything else on your mantel look amazing. (via The Turquoise Home)

Vases mantel decor

Take advantage of the greenery that’s beginning to show itself. Put a cluster of vases on your mantelpiece and fill them with leaves and buds. You can use colored vases to add that spring pop or you can let the leaves do the work with clear glass. (via The WoW Style)

Gold mantelpiece decor

A mantelpiece should always include something glitzy. A gilded mirror is a great option or you can use agate bookends or a gold rimmed box or even a silvery candle. Whatever you choose, it should sparkle enough to catch the eye when you walk into the room. (via Studio McGee)

Map mantel decor

Spring is for getting outside. Frame a vintage map and set it atop your mantel. Every time you see it, you’ll want to make weekends plants that will get you outdoors and looking for adventures. (via The New York Times)

Vintage handkerchief decor

Adding flowers to a spring mantelpiece is always a good idea. But if you have allergy sufferers in your home, you have to be careful about your blooms. Think outside the box and use some vintage floral handkerchiefs to decorate your mantel. Same colorful effect, less sneezing. (via Flamingo Toes)

Garden mantel decor

Of course if you don’t have allergies to worry about, go all out! Use all the blooms and budding branches you can find to create a garden indoors on your mantelpiece. You won’t regret adding flowers to your decor. (via Design Sponge)

Branches mantel decor

Did you display branches on your mantel during the winter? Leave them right where the are through spring. Branches are a great way to add hight and variety to your mantel decor. Just add some greenery to the vase to bring it up to date. (via DIY Show Off)

Simple mantel decor

Winter is the season for more pillows and more candles and more cocoa and… just more. When you’re ready to put your flannels away and spring clean your home, opt for a simple mantel style. Clean it all off, dust and put back a few pictures and maybe a plant. It will make the whole room feel refreshed and clean. (via Park and Oak Interior Design)

Personalized mantel decor

Whether your home is country or modern or midcentury or shabby chic, your decor should reflect your style. So whatever you decorate your mantel with this spring, make sure it speaks to your heart. (via Laurel Home)