Spring Green Living room

Well, Saint Patrick’s Day is already gone, but spring is still here, so I thought it would be a good idea to suggest you the spring green as the colour of choice for the living room. It is a youngish colour and it suggests life and the willing to be alive, nature’s return to life and a new beginning. So I consider this particular shade of green to be very optimistic and generating good thoughts, so it is perfect for the living room.

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It is easy to combine this colour with natural colours like dark green and brown, just like in nature. Imagine you are in the forest in the middle of spring. just look around you and observe the colours and use the same combinations in your home – the light green of the fresh leaves, the nice brown of the ground, some shades of white and certainly black.

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If you want to be a bit more conservative and do not dare to experience new things, you’d better go for the combination of two colours: light green and white. You can’t miss  it and the effect is guaranteed. The room will suggest cleanliness and freshness, a full life and also happiness. If you are a modern kind of guy and especially if you are a single man, go for the combination of green and black with little touches of white here and there that will widen the area.

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Choose the furniture the same colours or in close ones and maybe add the beige, too, as it is the perfect colour for furniture. Get inspiration from the pictures shown here and let me know about the results.