Spring-cleaning checklist for apartment

It is again the time of the year when everything around looks fresh and beautiful. It is also the time of the year, when you would want to keep your house neat and clean, to comprehend the atmosphere. If you were the kind, who is already brooding over the fact of the Himalayan task of cleaning then this checklist for apartment spring-cleaning would certainly help.

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Make a written room wise checklist. Often when you make a mental checklist of the cleaning areas and clutter to be removed you are bound to forget. Therefore, take a notebook and a pen, walk around each room and look for areas, which need to be cleaned and organized. The list must be clear and go in detail about each cupboard and cabinet, which needs cleaning. This will help you at the actual time of cleaning and allow you to organize your cleaning mission.

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This would give you a room-by-room spring cleaning checklist like living room spring-cleaning checklist, bathroom spring-cleaning checklist, bedroom spring-cleaning checklist and so on. In each of the rooms, you will need to take care of dusting the corners and ceiling with care.

The ceiling fan and lights must also be included in your spring-cleaning agenda. The lights and fan are the dust prone areas and usually go unattended during the daily or weekly cleaning process. Another area to be attended to would be the curtains and blinds where there would be hoards of dust sitting comfortably. The curtains need to be washed if possible otherwise; a good dose of vacuuming would help.

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The couch is the place where you spend most of your evenings couching in front of the TV or curl into reading your favorite book. However, did you know that the most of the dust and mites would already be sitting comfortably on them overtaking you. Vacuum the sofa, couch with care, and clean them of all dust and mites.

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The carpets in your living room certainly need to be cleaned during the spring-cleaning. If your local laundry would wash the carpet for you then your job is done. Otherwise, make sure to vacuum it neatly and give it a complete uplift. Next, all the doormats and rugs occupying the floors need to go in for their wash.

Although the apartment maybe smaller compared to the huge bungalows it certainly does require a good amount of cleaning regularly to make you feel warm and fresh inside.{pics from 1,2,3 and 4}.