Spring Ceramic Tile Coasters

The Easter Bunny is the younger brother of Santa Claus and all kids can’t wait for him to come and bring sweets and chocolate and many other smaller or bigger gifts. I love spending all holidays with my family and Easter is no exception. Usually we exchange small gifts that do not cost too much, but which bring happiness into our souls, as they are made with love and this way we feel valued and loved. Here is my idea of an affordable Easter gift: the Spring Ceramic Tile Coasters . They are just coasters, but they look so nice and colourful that they are the perfect sign of spring.

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Spring ceramic

These tiles are made of ceramic and that makes them perfect coasters, as they will not be damaged by extreme heat or cold, since ceramic is thermo-resistant. The coasters are entirely hand made and that is why I can say they are made with love. They have a protective backing for the furniture and they look gorgeous, painted in those vivid colourful patterns. They are glossy and smooth on the surface and can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge. They sell in sets of four and you can now purchase such a set for $15.