DIY Felt Garlands You Can Use As Festive Decorations

The wonderful thing about Christmas and pretty much any other major holiday is that you can improvise and create your own unique decorations using simple items and things you already have n your home. For example, felt garlands are easy to make and they make cute and lovely decorations for the Christmas tree, Halloween mantel, Thanksgiving décor, etc.


Cut long strips of wool felt and combine two contrasting colors. You can then use a simple technique to make a lovely garland. The first step is to place two different-colored strips of felt one on top of the other. Then make a few space-outed cuts along the center line and pull the ends through the slits. {found on purlbee}.

DIY felt garland

You can also combine multiple colors in a more dynamic design. The one featured on Tellloveandparty requires twine/ yarn/ string and assorted colors of felt. Cut the felt in small sections and tie them onto a long piece of twine, alternating the colors and the angle.

Ribbon Candy Garland

The ribbon felt garland featured on Babbledabbledo is really pretty and to make it you need felt in five different colors, dental floss, an embroidery needle, hot glue and scissors. Cut the felt into 1” wide strips and layer them. Make the strips around 12” long and separate them into sections. Take two strips and align the edges. Start folding them into 1” sections. Center the needle and sew through all the layers. Then repeat and, at the end, sew the larger sections together.

Felt mitten garland

This is a cute mitten garland that’s perfect for Christmas but which you can customize to also suit other occasions. The supplies needed include felt, twine, scissors and cardboard. You also need a mitten template. Trace and cut the template onto cardboard and then cut out felt mittens. Glue the felt mittens onto the cardboard ones. String them to make the garland. {found on livelaughrowe}.

DIY felt ball garland

Another technique you can use involves making felt balls. You can find detailed instructions on how to craft these fuzzy balls of felt on Hellowonderful. Once you have them all lined up you need to gather a few other supplies such as beads, balls, yarn and a needle. Thread the beads and the felt balls and see how the garland is starting to take shape.

Colorful Felt ball garland diy

A much simpler version of a felt ball garland is described on Thediydiary. For this project you need string, scissors, a yarn needle, store-bought felt balls and pliers. Thread the needle and start pushing the felt balls down the string. You can use several different colors or you can mix different shades of the same color.