DIY Luminaries And Lanterns Perfect For Halloween

All the things that scare us become attractive on Halloween and we suddenly want to have spiders and snakes on our lawn, to have bats on the porch and to let witches and monsters in our homes. It’s all part of the show. Lanterns and luminaries are among the most beautiful types of decorations and they are perfect for the outdoors. We’ve gathered a few designs that are both good-looking and have a dose of creepy, the perfect combo.


A very simple project involves a few simple metal lanterns and some spider images which you can print out. Once you’ve cut out the paper spiders, glue them on the inside of the lantern. At night, when the lights are on, they’ll look spooky and beautiful at the same time. You can also try this project with a bunch of other designs and symbols.

Halloween luminaries

Mason jars are a perfect resource for Halloween luminaries. On Craftsbyamanda you can find out how the transformation is made. The materials needed include clear glass jars, acrylic craft paint, a sharpie, glaze, tea lights and paintbrushes. First you clean the jars and then you paint them on the outside. Draw faces on them with a sharpie. You can paint the rims black and then spray them with glaze.

Enchanting halloween jars

The designs featured on Adventure-in-a-box are truly enchanting. You can make something like this yourself. You need jars of different sizes and shapes, purple spray paint and a paint marker. First you clean the jars and then you spray paint the outsides. Apply a thin layer. You can then print out the design you want to use and insert it into the jar. Trace it with a marker and then put the candle in.

Spider mason jar lantern

Paper lanterns are easy to make so you can also try this type of project for Halloween. The design we found on Casahaus is simple and allows a lot of room for creativity. The supplies required include a glue stick, black paper, a cutter and vellum paper. Draw a spider web on black paper using a pencil and then carefully cut it out, leaving a frame around it. Also cut out a few spiders as well. Glue the vellum paper in the shape of a cylinder and then glue the black web around it. Add the spiders.

jack-o-lanterns for halloween

Let’s not forget about jack-o-lanterns. Even if it’s Halloween, they don’t all need to look extra spooky. In fact, they can be happy and cute, just like these ones. An interesting idea is to paint the outside of the pumpkins black. This way, when you create the faces, the orange interior will contrast with the black exterior and the faces will light up.{found on bhg}.

Stacked porch Halloween Pumpkins

You can create an interesting jack-o-lantern display by stacking several of them. You can use a large planter as a base. Insert a wood dowel at the center. Once the pumpkins are painted and ready to become decorations, drill holes in them so you can stack them onto the dowel. You can stack four or five, alternating their colors. {found on tatertotsandjello}.