Splashes of Color in a White Universe

When you have to create a loft for an art collector it is more difficult and you have to think more, but nothing is impossible! The loft in the picture proves that nothing is impossible and even more, that perfection exists…in this case, it is white perfection, done by Poteet Architects.

Collectors loft by poteet architectsView in gallery

The entire space of the loft is welcoming and inviting in its white elegance; there is so much light and such a serene atmosphere that it is impossible not to like it. The wide glass windows let the natural light invade the house in the most pleasant way possible, the whiteness of the walls give the impression of a even wider space and the warm tones of the furniture pieces in the living room, just like the floor contribute to the generally elegant air the entire house has.

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Collectors loft by poteet architects4View in gallery

The splashes of color and the art objects are just perfect in the simplicity of the rooms; no matter it is the blue statue, the colorful balls, the red sofa, the red doors or the red square chairs, the bookshelves, the colorful rabbits in the kitchen or the colorful paintings on the white walls, every space has at least one object that speaks for itself.

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Collectors loft by poteet architects7View in gallery

It is either through color or through artistic value that these objects draw your attention and emphasize once again the beautiful part of life, the one in which details mean so much and make the difference, no matter their size. The fact that all these art pieces are placed in a white universe reveals once again simplicity, elagance and good taste.{found on contemporist}.