Splash Lounge Chair

I remember that when I was younger I saw a picture with something that looked like a queen’s crown. And when I read the article in that magazine I realized that it was actually a drop of water splashed into a glass of water, everything caught on photo by a very slow motion camera. I guess that was the exact source of inspiration for the designer Michael Wendel when he created this very unusual chair. The Splash lounge chair looks amazing and you would say it is made of milk, with droplets splashing  all over the place.

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Unfortunately for some people, myself included, who already started dreaming of lying on this chair and savouring a nice cup of icecream there in a hot summer night, this chair that I present here is only a model that was designed with an artistic purpose, but I still think the idea is great and the result even better and I am waiting impatiently for the moment when they start producing it for the public.

Splash lounge

If you are interested and want to find out more details about this original chair – something like the exact material it was made of and just how much paint they used and something similar.