Spend hot summers and views in a beach house designed by Parsonson Architects

Beach houses are awesome for summer season, when all the friends get together to spend their holyday. This Manly Street Beach House by Parsonson Architects offers a beautiful view at the sea, furthermore the living area is a raised pavilion from which to enjoy the hot summers and views of the sea. The interior of the house is decorated with modern furniture, having in the living room a wall mounted fireplace and a bookshelf.

Parsonson Architects project manila 1

Beach houses are not supposed to make you feel like home. That’s not their purpose. Beach houses are supposed to make you feel like you’re taking a break to have fun and relax. They should provide you with a nice bedroom where you can sleep comfortably and where you can relax. Also they should provide you with the perfect place to have fun and get crazy, because that’s what holydays are all about.

Parsonson Architects project manila 15

Parsonson Architects project manila 3

This beautiful beach house has enough rooms for all the friends you want to invite there. There are quiet placed where people can relax and spend some time alone, and there are also features that allow you to have some fun with your friends. The view is gorgeous and the location is great. I really like the interior design. It’s very simple, not crowded and it gives you a sensation of freedom. The furniture pieces are brightly colored, modern and comfortable.