Spectacular transformation of the old Vaudeville Theater in Echo Park

Lots of buildings that now feature beautiful modern designs actually a richer history than you would think. Take this wonderful custom property located in the Echo park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. It looks unique and this is partly because of its history. Originally, this was a 100-year old Vaudeville Theater. In 2011, however, it got a new identity as Mohawk Bend.

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The transformations were extensive but everything had to be carefully conducted because of the history of the building. It has lots of unique and very beautiful architectural details that deserved to be preserved. As a result, the new design is a mix of old and new. The four custom designed rooms got a completely new look but the integrity of the building was preserved. One of the most important changes that had to be made was to integrate seismic retrofit elements required by the city of LA.

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The team that is responsible for this amazing transformation used steel structures that allowed this space to stay open and to also have a more imposing look. Each of the four rooms has been custom designed and remodeled and each has a unique atmosphere. In order to incorporate both old and new elements, the architects decided to use simple materials such as exposed plywood, metal work and brick walls. This allowed the restaurant to get a simple but inviting and unique look, with high ceilings, mirrored walls and an overall cohesive décor.

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The bar area has also been functionally designed with a brick walls and glass shelves. The open kitchen has custom built fixtures. A beautiful mosaic glass wall separates the Ramona room, named after the original vaudeville theater, from the rest of the restaurant. It has high ceilings, brick walls, skylights and a cozy fireplace. The atmosphere is indeed very welcoming.