Spectacular sculptures made from pencils

Just because a certain object is used in a particular way, that doesn’t mean you have to do the same. An affirmation that can be applied to almost everything. In this case, the object in question is a pencil. Actually, a lot of pencils.Jennifer Maestre has found a new use for this small object that we all know and that is normally used for writing. She managed to think out of the box and the results were spectacular.

P tiamat2 full
Her sculptures remind us of some sort of plants or animals that really seem out of this world( or planet). The visual impact is a very strong, almost violent one. The abstract look allows you to let your imagination run free. It’s like looking at the couds outside and trying to guess what their shape represents.

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The technique used to realize these sculptures is not an easy one. The artist saws off parts of the pencils, makes holes in them and sews them together. She must really be a patient person.