Spectacular family room makeover: from dark to bright in 2 months

This family room used to have a very old and outdated look. It was also a very dark space and it wasn’t the appealing space that it was supposed to be. All that changed when its owner decided it was time for a makeover. The transformation was spectacular. The family room is now bright, airy and very inviting, nothing like it sued to be.

Family room before brownView in gallery

It wasn’t just the furniture that was changed but the color of the walls, the rug, the decorations, everything. First of all, the walls were painted pastel blue with white insertions. It’s a much brighter and friendlier color than the brown fro before. The curtains were also replaced with something a little more cheerful and modern. The furniture was the biggest change of all. The traditional and massive brown leather sofa was replaced by a white fabric sectional. It completely changes the atmosphere.

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The matching brown armchair and ottoman disappeared as well. They took a lot of floor space before, space that is currently free, making the room seem a lot bigger and more airy. The traditional patterned rug with brown features was replaced by a blue and white rug, a more modern and simple choice. Now this family room went from dark to bright, from traditional to cottage style and the whole transformation was completed in two months. It was a challenging project but the room is unrecognizable and in a very good way.{found on fourgenerationsoneroof}.