Spectacular Bathroom Faucets By Octopus Design Munich

If you want to replace your bathroom faucets with the same type of faucet, then choosing a new one is fairly easy. If however you want to change the type of faucet, then you need to research and shop carefully before making a purchase.



Bathroom faucet is a key element in creating a unique design and style in the bathroom. Hansa Latrava is the latest design circuit added to a bathroom faucet from Octopus Design Munich, Germany. It’s not sophisticated or complicated. It’s probably the most simple faucet design so far. However it hides a surprising feature. The water creates a sort of cascade which is not what the usual faucets used to do. That’s why this one is special. It has a minimalistic design so it would nicely integrate in a more simple and modern home. But because of the lack of details it’s suitable for other types of homes as well.