A Special Hanger “Half=One” by Tess Hill

From ancient times man has always been an inventive human being. He managed to create his own tools, weapons, and means of transport or build various types of shelters where he could live and protect himself. In the museums of the world you can notice different proves of his progress and the way he managed to become the present human being with all kinds of gadgets, modern technology and other high-tech items due to its creativity and imagination. Perhaps the fight for surviving is the main factor that pushed the man forward or forced him to adapt the new levels of life and make him show his inventive power.

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The Spanish artist and designer, Tess Hill is an inventive person and tried to show us how we can transform a vintage piece into a new thing with different functions. A proof of this thing is a special hanger” Half= One”. It refers to an old wooden chair that became a practical clothes hanger and shelf at the same time. The initial chair was cut into half, flipped and hanged on the wall so that you can put there your hat, scarf, cap or even some magazines or books. You may also think of using it in the bathroom where you can put your towel and your cosmetics.

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Thus you may notice that people are full of imagination and creativity and these qualities made us go forward and pass many obstacles. Perhaps you may also think of similar ideas and create something original and practical too.