Special Easter Eggs Plate

I know Easter is more than a month away, but I can’t help thinking about it since it’s already spring. i like Easter very much because it celebrates joy and happiness and nature around us is also full of life. So I start preparing the Easter basket and I fill it with goodies and of course with Easter eggs. And normally there are all kinds of stupid accidents that lead to the eggs being dropped and smashed to the ground. SO the best present I have ever got for Easter was a special place where I can put the Easter eggs and they can actually stay in one place without getting smashed on the ground.

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These plates are special because they have some special carvings in the ceramic of the plate that are made with the purpose of holding the eggs and protecting them. The bottom of these “holes” is differently coloured for each egg and they all have different funny animals in the middle, to make the whole picture merry and enjoyable.





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You can see the ceramic Easter eggs plates with bunnies, ducks and even hens, all of them painted by hand in pale colours that are specific to spring. They all look great and can be used especially for the kids room or meal, but you can also put it on the official Easter table that is surrounded by all family members.