Sparkling Furniture by Lee Broom

When you are invited to go to a party, a disco or a club you definitely need some special clothes which will make you look sparkling and become eye catching. A special event has always needed a special attention so you need to take care of every detail of your image.

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So, some crystals, or sparkling jewelry, a shiny dress or a blouse covered by studs may be some ideas for your choice of clothes. Though everything it depends on your tastes and preferences.For those who appreciate this glamorous style here it is some sparkling pieces of furniture that come from Lee Broom.

Armchair salon lee broom 3

Your living room will definitely become more elegant and attractive if you use this Salon armchair accompanied by a small round, side table. Their white color and the embellishment of metal studs make them look bright and refined. Their design was inspired by the 1930’s style when studs were very fashionable.

Armchair salon lee broom 3

Originally, these studs were used for covering some manufacturing details and they were largely used on clothes and shoes. Now they become a brilliant way of making an object become more beautiful and attractive. The studded upholstery proved to be a great way of enhancing the design of any piece of furniture that will make your interior s look more sparkling and eye-catching for any person who comes and pay you a visit.