DIY Mercury Glass Vases With Bohemian Flair

Mercury glass vases are used for their artistic beauty and their aesthetic appeal, their actual usefulness being no different than that of any other type of vase or decorative object in general. Their popularity is not extraordinary but this only makes them more special. A mercury glass vase would definitely be an eye-catching addition to any space and to learn how you can make one, have a look at the following projects.

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The first thing you need is some regular glass vases. Any shape and size would do as long as you’re happy with them. Then comes the fun and challenging part: giving them a shiny makeover. One way is to use one part water mixed with one part vinegar to spray the vases. After that, lightly apply a coat of spray paint. Add several other light coats until you’re happy with the look. Let the paint dry for a minute and then blot the glass with a cloth. Repeat three or four times. {found on interiorsbykenz}.

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A beautiful step by step tutorial on how to give old vases a makeover can also be found on Makezine. The main idea remains the same. First you gather the materials and set up a workspace. You need Krylon® Looking Glass® Mirror-Like paint which you apply in light coats onto the vases. Let each coat dry before applying the next one. When you’re done, lightly spray a mixture a water and vinegar onto the paint. Gently rub in small circles to get the right look.

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Instead of vases you could also use glass bottles. The process remains the same and you can find a nice tutorial on Thejoyofdecorating. The tricky part is spray painting the inside of the bottles in order to get the mirror effect. You need at least five coats for the right look. When you’re done, spray the outside of the bottles as well but only lightly. Lightly rub the bottles with a sponge and you’re done.