Sparkling DIY Disco- Inspired Staircase

Discos are places where people dance and feel nice. A few years ago they were very fashionable. Nowadays the teenagers prefer the night clubs, the restaurants or the pubs. Here they relax, enjoy a drink with their friends, dance, play billiard or just chat. It is a place where they can make friends and recharge their batteries again.

Disco inspired staircase 500x655

In a disco everything becomes glamorous even if the lights may be subtle. The people’s clothes are sparkling; the pendant decorative globes are bright. Here everything is shining and inspires you energy and dynamism.If you would like to get the same effects and create the same atmosphere in your house, perhaps this sparkling DIY Disco- Inspired Staircase is a great idea for you. The moment you will come down on this staircase you feel like an important person who makes his appearance in the middle of an atmosphere full of joy and good mood where people have fun and enjoy their night free moments.

Using a lot of small mirrors and hot glue you can make them looks like staircase to heaven. If you fan of the disco era you definitely should like them and your guest too.The moment they will come down this staircase they will feel like stars on the red carpet.{found on thebedlamofbeefy}