Sparkling and Colorful DIY Hot Air Balloons Christmas Ornaments

I come from a family that is in love with planes, parachutes and things that can give you wings and feel the touch of high sky. I remember how much I loved my first flight by plane. I was preparing myself to visit Sweden as an exchange of experience between Romanian and Swedish schools. It was a fantastic experience which had marked my whole existence and made me become a different person.

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As I love all the flying devices the hot air balloons are also among them. Their lovely design and the experience that can offer you it must be fantastic. I have never had the chance to travel by them but who knows maybe one day I will succeed.

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Meanwhile I dress up my Christmas tree with some wonderful DIY Hot Air Balloons Christmas Ornaments. Some small paper baskets that can be attached to the Christmas balls using some string are all the necessary materials for this lovely project. It is a way to express my passion for flying objects and a nice occasion to create an original Christmas tree with non traditional Christmas ornaments. If you are interested in this DIY project now you have the opportunity to transform your Christmas ball in some sparkling and colorful hot air balloons Christmas ornaments.{found on thecheesethief}