Spanish Baby Nursery Furniture from PortobelloStreet

PortobelloStreet is an Spanish company which is specialized in kids and baby furniture. Now, comes with a new collection of furniture and decorative accessories to bring your house more color. This new collection includes a large selection of decorative elements which can complete the decoration Room of the children.

Portobello 31

The furniture we choose can make a simple and ordinary room that is boring into a very joyful and colorful place. All highly functional accessories that will delight moms and tremendously fun, it also will appeal to children.

Kids usually like the same things: colors, fun shapes and features, playful pieces and interesting and fun patterns. So their rooms are probably the most difficult to decorate. The parents need to be sure that the room is safe and child-friendly, with functional and easy to use pieces and with a beautiful theme. And the kids just want it to be pretty. So it’s not always easy to put all these characteristics together.

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The best way would probably be to involve your kid into the redecorating process. At least this way you get to be sure he’s happy with it. So take a look at these examples and try to find one you both like, or if that doesn’t work you can each choose separated elements that you like and try to put them together to form a beautiful and functional design. But when they are still babies, it’s all up to you how you want to decorate their rooms. Still it has to be playful and cute, with beautiful colors and safe pieces. Take a look at these examples and let yourself get inspired.