Spacious warehouse loft in Hong Kong

This beautiful loft is located in Hong Kong. It covers an area of 3,900 square feet and it serves as a private home for a couple, an office and an exhibition space. The loft is situated on the 19th floor of a working warehouse somewhere in the industrial side of Hong Kong. It’s not the ideal location for a private apartment but it’s this couple’s home.

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The apartment was bought in 2010 and it used to be rented in three separate spaces. When the couple decided to move in, it was an opportunity to connect those spaces and to renovate the loft. The apartment is now spacious, modern, inviting but with an industrial touch. It includes a modern kitchen to the left, a large living room, an office in the corner and a long, glass-enclosed balcony. It’s a multi-purpose space for both relaxation and entertainment. The main sleeping area is an impressive 20 by 13 foot rectangular structure.

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The loft also features an art gallery on the other side. Here you can find an odd sculpture that resembles a plate folded in half, an angular, satellite-like metal structure floating in the air, a portrait sitting on the wall next to a Chinese lantern and many other interesting pieces. The loft is unusually structured. It’s a much larger apartment than most private homes and it’s also why it’s a multipurpose space.{found on wsj}.