Spacious Gaggenau Kitchen in the “High Times” Penthouse

When you think of an ordinary kitchen, you probably have in mind many things like: kitchen equipment, kitchen furniture or kitchen accessories. If you think of all these items, probably you will imagine a crowded kitchen space.

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This is not the case of this Gaggenau Kitchen. It is a kitchen situated behind the clocks of Brooklyn’ s Clock Tower Building in the “High Times” Penthouse, designed by Stefano Vernier.

It is a modern, spacious kitchen with all the necessary equipment and accessories that you need. For those who love space, simple design, light atmosphere and refinement, it is a perfect design for an exquisite kitchen. It has not sophisticated elements of design or decoration, the metallic material is an emblem of quality and elegance. Its interesting clock- shaped, large window and the beautiful, big pendant lamp are items which create a special atmosphere.