Spacious Apartment With Scandinavian Style

This is an amazing spacious apartment designed with the Scandinavian style. The house is not very big as it features only sixty two square meter area, but there is something very unique about the house which sets it apart from the crowd. This is related to nothing but employment of the space in an attractive as well as a practical manner.

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As Scandinavian style has been adopted to design the house, white color scheme has been used to decorate the house.  Besides the walls, ceilings and doors, cabinets have also been done in white color. The floor attracts attention immediately as it has been intricately crafted out of planks of rustic wood.  Splashes of color have been introduced in the theme by way of introduction of brown brick wall in the kitchen, zebra print lounging chair, yellow cabinets and colorful lamps and lighting fixtures.

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Large glass panes with white frames besides imparting a sober look to the house also allow natural light to travel indoors and create the feeling of spaciousness. Conclusively, it can be said that though the house features small area space, but it has been designed amazingly with each and every aspect of the house been given equal importance.{found on stadshem}