Spacious Apartment With A Perfect Family Home Feel

Finding an apartment with a layout and design suitable for a family with children is always a challenge. A house with a yard and garden is a completely different thing and it offers the kids more space and freedom. But a limited space is not necessarily a bad thing. Apartment can often feel more cozy and, if designed right, they can offer just as much freedom as a suburban house.

Urban apartment design

This particular apartment focuses on spaciousness. It has an overall modern design and it has a layout based on functionality. The space is simple and it’s not exactly very large but it definitely doesn’t feel small. It’s mostly due to the minimalistic interior décor. This is most visible in the case of the kitchen and dining area which is a very open and airy space with large windows.

Urban apartment design1

Urban apartment design2

Urban apartment design3

Urban apartment design4

Urban apartment design5

Another nice thing about this apartment is the fact that the rooms and the different zones with specific functions are divided by furniture rather than by walls and so they communicate with each other while maintaining clear limits and privacy.

Urban apartment design6

Urban apartment design7

Urban apartment design8

Urban apartment design10

Urban apartment design9

Like any modern home, the apartment also has a home office/ workspace with two computers and what looks like a bar with plenty of storage space underneath and on the wall. This makes it easy for the user to keep the space organized. The kids have their own beautiful rooms with a lovely bright décor and playful decals. The parents’ bedroom features a clean white décor and it’s simple yet beautiful and, of course, comfortable and relaxing.{images by heycheese}.