Spacious apartment in New York with a sustainable design

This apartment is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY and it belongs to Evelyn Lee who has been living in it for two years. It’s a 1,185 square feet apartment with a lovely and modern interior design. The thing about this place is that it’s not only very beautiful and stylish but it’s also sustainable. Evelyn has been sharing this apartment with her cat called Sam and they are both very happy here.

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This sustainable apartment is still a work in progress. However, the path chosen by its owner is very clear. Decorating the apartment was quite difficult given its size. The most challenging area was the great room. Here the owner decided not to use rugs since they were difficult to keep clean and the cat would have made things even more difficult. This space was turned into a very serene room with a simple décor complemented by bold decorations that add color and dynamism.

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In the living room Evelyn chose to include a sofa made from recycled materials, a coffee table made from reclaimed wood, a side chair and some colorful decorations. The dining area is quite small and only includes a table and some simple chairs as well a colorful painting on the wall. The bedroom is large and spacious. It has a double bed, custom nightstands from reclaimed wood, a dresser, a comfy rocking chair and some chic decorations. The apartment also has an office with simple furniture and a décor matching the rest of the rooms.{found on apartmenttherapy}.