The space-saving Ladder

You and I are aware of the fact that most of the people we know live in apartments in big crowded cities. For that category of inhabitants there are entire divisions that plan how to make things smaller, or as compact as possible but to still offer the same amount of functionality. Some have more than others, but after all we are all equal and we deserve the same chances. With this way of thinking the problems through, Company and Company designed a ladder that can be folded to occupy a very tiny space behind a door or a closet and still could offer the same amount of functionality as regular one.

Corner Ladder

As we can see in these pictures the ladder compacts into a smaller unit thanks to each rung that has special hinges that allow the outside portions to fold in towards each other. A brass joint passes through the center of each rung, reinforcing the place where the man could step. I like the design and I appreciate everything that helps people in a way or another but this ladder is not quite finished.

I don’t want to be mean, but from where I stand the ladder looks a little unsafe and I can’t imagine this supporting a full scale adult that actually does some work in a place very hard to reach. With a little more research and creativity this space-saving ladder could totally work in a tight apartment.