10 Spaces You Forget to Clean and How to Clean Them

Nowadays, the sun is starting to show it’s rays more often and the temperatures are teasing us with warmth. They can’t help but remind us that spring is not far away. And with a new fresh season comes the inevitable spring cleaning. There’s just something in us that must shake out the dust that has accumulated in the corners of winter and throw the windows open wide to let the breezes replace the mustiness with fresh air. Spring cleaning is when you actually take all the books off the shelves to dust. You mop the floors until they shine and wonder what dirt is. You might even remember to vacuum under the cushions of the couch. But there are always places that lay forgotten. If you really want to give your home a good spring cleaning this year, take a look at these 10 spaces you forget to clean and how to clean them.

Wash your pillows

First up is your bed. You probably wash your sheets regularly and maybe even your comforter, but how often do you remember to wash your pillows? I know mine is sadly neglected. Pillows really should be washed every three to six months! So next time you think about washing your sheets, throw your pillows in too. (via Ollie and Seb’s Haus)

Clean your window treatments

How are your window coverings? Probably as dusty as mine. No matter what kind of window coverings you have, there is always a way to clean them. Whether you dust them with a damp cloth, send them through the wash or take them to the dry cleaners, give that window decor a good clean once a year. (via New York Magazine)

Dust your lightbulbs

Dusting isn’t my favorite activity, but when I do, I’m going to start dusting the lightbulbs. Use a microfiber cloth to carefully clean the bulbs and fixtures in each room. A clean bulb will not only look nice, it will shed more light in the room as well. Win win. (via Domaine)

Clean your small appliances

Keurigs aren’t the only small appliances that need a good clean. You can run a mixture of vinegar and water through your coffee pot or your espresso maker to get out that buildup of gunk. Don’t let your toaster suffer either! Remove the tray on the bottom and clean out the crumbs to keep your toast tasting fine. (via A Beautiful Mess)

Clean the oven range

It’s the easiest thing to wipe down the stovetop and you probably have a self-clean option for your oven. But let’s take our eyes upward a little bit to your oven range. Because you’re always looking down at the food you’re cooking, you don’t notice how easily it’s gets greasy and dusty. Use warm soapy water and a cloth to get that range shining like new again. (via Domaine)

Clean your trash cans

When your trash can smells funky even after you’ve taken out the garbage, you know it’s time for some action. Take that can outside and use some soap and your hose to give it a good spray. You’ll be surprised how much better your trash will smell. (via BHG)

Clean the bathroom vent

If you’re like me, the bathroom is probably the most cleaned room in the house. You’re always wiping and sweeping and cleaning in there. But even with clean countertops and a sparkling shower, your shower fan probably get’s overlooked. Fixing that is easy though. Just take off the vent and while it soaks in some soapy water, give the unit a once over with the vacuum. It will work even better when you’re finished. (via Jilly and Mia)

Clean your ceiling fans

While we’re on ceilings, let’s not forget the ceiling fans in the rest of the house. Some of them might blow a poof of dust the first time you turn it on but if they don’t you might not know how many dust bunnies are hiding on top of those blades. Grab your duster and your step stool and take a few minutes to clean all the fans in your home. (via Amber Interiors)

Clean the washer dryer

Since they’re in charge of cleaning our clothes, you probably don’t expect that your washer and dryer need cleaning every so often. For the best results, run an empty load of hot water and bleach through your washer ever two months. Then have a professional come out to clean your dryer vent once a year. You’ll be so satisfied knowing your clothes are really getting clean. (via Chris Loves Julia)

Clean your tech

You probably use these every day, yet how often do we think to clean them? But with your fingers constantly tapping away at the keys, cleaning our technology is essential. Go find yourself a can of compressed air to blow all the dust and crumbs off your keyboard and use a microfiber cloth to clean your screens. You could probably do this monthly but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do it every week. (via Hello Fashion)