Space saving desk

When you are an adult you know exactly what to do and what is the utility for each thing in the house, every piece of furniture and you respect those rules, maintaining all the objects around in good condition. But this is mainly possible because adults have a static behaviour inside the house. They do not play or run about the house or throw fifty toys on the floor. That’s what kids do and that is why they need all the space they can get for different entertaining activities they perform after study. So, if you want to have some more space for your children’s spare time activities, try to do something with the desk they use for doing their homework, writing or colouring in their books.

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I found the perfect solution for this problem : a set consisting of a desk and a chair that can be clicked one into another and this way obtaining a cube that you can use for other purposes or simply deposit easier in some remote place.

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This set is called  Pkolino Klick Desk and Chair Set and can be bought for $198 , in an online store. It was designed by Davide Cesca, a very innovative designer who thinks that we must combine creativity with usefullness and this way he got this idea of creating a chair that clicks into the desk, offering also some storing space inside for different materials, like the books for example

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The chair and the desk are made of birch wood, which is a very light wood essesnce , perfect for kids furniture and you can choose from the three colours that are available: red, green and orange.The chair has a very soft pillow to offer maximum comfort when the kid sits there and is perfect in size for all the children between the age of 3 and 7.