Space-Efficient And Versatile Fold-Down Desk Designs

As we’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, space is a problem in most homes. It’s why we have to find solutions that can help us include all the furniture pieces that we need in our home without making it feel cluttered and cramped. As we’ve shown you already, fold-down beds are a great way of saving some space. But fold-down desks can also be a great element to include into the design.

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Sometimes we don’t have the luxury of devoting an entire room to our work. So we have to make compromises regarding the home office. But, as it turns out, all you need is a desk and a chair. A fold-down desk would be a great piece that can be cleverly hidden when not needed.

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Most of the times, the so-called home office is a part of the living room. You don’t have to mix and match styles as you can opt for a fold-down desk that can only be revealed when needed. All you need after that is a chair and you’re ready to take care of some business.

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It’s also common for the home office to be a part of the living room. And since business and pleasure usually don’t mix well, it’s best to keep separate. With a fold-down desk it’s easier than ever to do this. Just keep a chair close at hand and you’ll be ready to jump out of bed right into your improvised office.

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To save space and to also maintain a cohesive décor, you can hide your fold-down desk into a storage cabinet. It can be your own little secret that nobody would know about. Inside the cabinet you can also have a nicely organized storage system with little compartments or shelves.

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Here’s a similar design. The fold-down door becomes the actual desk while inside there’s enough space for some books, files, a laptop. Also, the drawers found on each side are perfect for storing all sorts of small objects and this way you can have a very well-organized working space.