Space Age Lights Collection from the Exhibition at Triennale Design Museum

Modern bathrooms aren’t just a space for utility but luxury as well. What better can this definition be explained than the examples from Italian bathroom brand Fir Italia.  The brand has introduced a new way to shower which includes a shower system that incorporates light, color and water to stimulate the muscles and the imagination ending you up with a spa like experience at home. The designs adore white vanities and countertops complemented by illuminated mirrors, ceiling lights and rain-shower panels oozing with unmatched luxury.

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The bathroom is no longer just a small space somewhere in the house. It’s a room as important as the other ones and it should be treated properly. So to reflect this idea, the next bathroom design incorporates some very modern and elegant pieces that look very beautiful and stylish. Actually there are multiple ways of how you can make your bathroom look beautiful and stylish.

Triennale Design Museum2

The next examples present some very beautiful ideas of how you can decorate your bathroom with style, using simple but eye-catching pieces and fixtures. If you have a large bathroom, then there’s plenty of space to do that. The purple and black bathroom design presented here is a very beautiful example. But there are also ways of how you can accomplish that when you have a smaller bathroom. The secret is to choose simple and elegant pieces and to use bright and vibrant colors.