Soviet Aircraft Carrier turned into a Chinese Luxury Hotel

Who would think to transform a military aircraft carrier into a floating luxury hotel? Someone did it and if you see “theKiev”, a former Soviet military aircraft carrier, you definitely get to the same conclusion, that the result is a real success. The floating luxury hotel fromChina, which is 273 meter long and 53 meter wide and which cost $ 15.64 million is impressive.

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Every room is a perfect example of luxury, elegance, from wallpapers to the pieces of furniture, from the size of the rooms to every single detail. Each presidential suite of the luxury hotel is a model of harmony, both in style and in color; no matter it is the one in shades of brown and beige, the toilet, which simply shines, the elegant white suite with black spots or the silvery living, every little thing suggests style, elegance and luxury.

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All the aspects related toChina’s first aircraft carrier occupying 6.000 square m have been carefully taken care of, and the best example is the channel where a game tests the reaction of people to the dizziness inside. It is interesting and attractive not only for adults, but also for children, who love to see and play on “Kiev” that from outside is an aircraft carrier and from inside a unique luxury hotel.{found on ibtimes}