South Shore bed box for kids

In case you’re having trouble decorating your kids or teen’s room, here are some ideas. First of all, choose a comfortable bed because they need their sleep. Also, choose simple and versatile designs because kids and especially teenagers get easily bored with the décor and often change it. Choose convertible pieces that can provide extra space for their friends. Make sure there’s plenty of storage space because they have a lot of stuff and being clean and organized it’s not their best quality.

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After we established some rules, here is a piece of furniture that fits the criteria and that’s also very attractive in terms of design. It’s the South Shore Bed Box, Shaker Mates model. It has a simple design, without unnecessary decorations or accessories and it’s very practical. It’s great for any kid’s or teen’s room. Besides the aesthetic aspect, there’s also the functional one. This bed is a great choice because it also features 3 built-in storage drawers. This will allow the user to put away the clothes or other items.

South Shore Shaker Mates Bed1

The bed is very easy to assemble, it has a durable and sturdy structure and a very versatile white finish. It’s a twin size bed and the dimensions are 16″H x 77″L x 41″W. It also comes with a 5 year warranty.Available for 149$.