Sophisticated End Table by MerleArt Design

Getting the correct elements for your home to make it everything it can be is something which is sure to be important to a lot of us. We want fantastic looking furnishings and if you want something really special then you should check out this elegant end table with alligator bronze sculpture.

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Designed by MerleArt Design, this Sculpture Table Collection is a mixture of modern and traditional, a gorgeous centerpiece for your home. The table presents a rectangle sculpture of baby alligators beneath the transparent glass table top. Made out of metal, wood and glass this table can also be a piece of art.

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Inspired from nature the sculpture is a unique feature in any house and not an easy process. After sculpting the shapes out of clay, rubber molds are made from duplicated of an acrylic copolymer resin. Each piece is then painted by hand using acrylic paints and metal powders to imitate bronze or pewter sculpture. What’s more the wood bases are available in Maple, Cherry and Dark Walnut. Custom and exotic woods and stain are available as well.

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Alligator being a symbol of perseverance and strength makes it an appealing design element in any product. The Sculpture Table Collection is a stunning refection of good cut and taste and is available at $1350 if purchased online and $1800 from stores.