Sophisticated bedroom with a pink interior design

Pink bedrooms, even though they are a cliché, are not as common as we might think. They are actually quite rare. Usually we see bright bedrooms with pink accents and combinations of pink and several other colors. However, an all pink bedroom could be just as friendly and inviting if decorated right. This is Piper’s bedroom and it looks lovely in pink.

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First of all, we should mention that this is not a bright tone of pink like most of us imagine in such cases. The bedroom features a pastel color, very soft and delicate. Secondly, the eclectic mix of styles makes this bedroom very chic. The furniture ranges from vintage t contemporary and, even though the differences in style are very noticeable, the result is a very harmonious décor. The vintage pieces have a more sophisticated look while the contemporary ones are minimalist and keep the whole mix in perfect balance.

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The bedroom is not entirely decorated in pink. There are variations of shades and colors and combination of pink, red and white along with wooden furniture and colorful artwork. Besides the obvious girly style of this bedroom, the room presents other interests as well. For example, the décor is flexible and it’s something that both children and teenagers would love. It’s not overly glitzy and it’s not too serious either. It’s the perfect combination of playful and chic.