Sophisticated And Elegant With A Modern Twist – The V Nesplein Hotel

Hotel V Nesplein can be found in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and it features a very interesting design, quite different from most typical hotels. The overall design bursts with elegance and sophistication and the interior décor is dominated by opulence and very detailed beauty. The hotel beautifully represents the old part of the city and everything related to it.

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The interior design is chic and elegant but it also has a modern twist meant to increase the functionality of the space. The owners of the V Hotel have a taste for history and love everything that’s authentic and that has a story to tell. This passion can also be seen in the hotel, in the way it’s been decorated with elegant furniture and all sorts of old accessories. Everywhere you look, old pieces are surrounding you. However, the atmosphere is dynamic and vibrant.

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The V Hotel is the perfect place to visit if what you want is to discover Amsterdam and its history. The location is convenient and features the Dam Square just steps away and all the other beautiful attractions surrounding the hotel. You can explore the city starting from the center and you can discover all its secrets. This is definitely the place to start since it’s so rich in history and everything related to it such as style, atmosphere, etc.