Sophisticated Ame Restaurant Design in Toronto

When you hear the words “Ame Toronto”, what do you think about?Not many people would think about a restaurant,except if they know about it and this is what it is: a  restaurant with a totally sophisticated design. Toronto stands for good life, for quality and this restaurant is exactly the same thing, according to the same pattern of modernity.

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The designer Munge Leung, intended and successfully managed to create a comfortable and modern place which provides a cosy experience for its guests. What is interesting about this place is the ideal combination of lights and deep shadows creating dramatic effects and offering intesity to the entire area, but this is not the only good part; the use of natural materials and modern Japanese spots, the oversized screens with all sorts of patterns make the restaurant even more attractive  and give it an unique air.

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The tables and the chairs are simple, no matter their round or square form, the bar is definitely singular in its shape, the windows offer an exterior perspective over the city, but while you are in there,  you have a certain feeling, a pleasant mood and you do not want to leave. Everything around is inviting in its modernity, in the simplicity given by the furniture pieces and the complexity given by colors, lights and shadows. It is definitely one if the restaurants which worths being tried.