Somerset Round Picnic Bench

Yes, I know autumn is already here, but the weather is still fine, so you can still spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the evening and at the weekends. And since you stay in the garden or patio it would be a good idea to have some comfortable furniture there. And it wouldn’t hurt to be affordable and not very expensive, like this Somerset Round Picnic Bench.

It is round and beautiful and it kind of reminds me of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in the story. And just like in the story all the people round the table stay together like friends and can see each other and spend some quality time.

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The funny thing about this table is the way the benches are attached to it. They are bolted to the table legs, so that everything is together, so you can’t remove each bench separately. The set is made of pine wood from Sweden, but if you keep it only outdoors you will have to treat it chemically once a year. You can buy this set now for£369.99 .