Somerset Bay Avon Decorated Chest With Dreamy Coastal Scenes

Some of the most appreciated items from the past century were chests. Not the one you think pirates  had and used but the ones from your grandmother’s attic. Back in their  times and with European origins chest were an important piece of furniture in every house. With considerably large storage spaces these items were used to store clothes, women jewelry , or if they were used in kitchens people put in them dishes and so on. People who are lucky enough to find these kind of items, restored their beauty with some basic tools and paint, and as a result they are now part of modern interiors with antique touches.

Red finish dresser

For  those of you who weren’t so lucky and still want to bring some of those time’s joy and style into your  own design, it is now available a handcrafted collection  of furniture featuring the exact pieces we were talking about.  Made from a renewable plantation of mahogany these wonderful  elements  are finished with  fine antique  and distressing techniques to achieve a look slightly aged with a superb patina and soft hues. For a maximum of authenticity drawers are build  without modern opening mechanisms. 

The chest measures 42”W x 22”D x40”H and it has a marvelous piece of art work on drawer’s faces in customizable  colors to match as good as possible your interior setting. It’s price is around $3,424.00, but it means nothing for those who really want a good-looking  piece of history in their own house.